Border Odyssey is an exploration of the U.S./Mexico border and the challenges it presents for the people of both nations. Both the Border Odyssey book and companion website travel the entire 1,969 miles. The website also offers resources for additional study, and an interactive map that allows you to travel town by town, through photographs, text, and audio to guide you, from Boca Chica, Texas, to Tijuana, California. The book provides nuances and explores the roads in between; this website is more photographic and includes additional resources, a special gallery of Braceros photographs, and a suggested itinerary.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Border Odyssey (publication date April 15, 2015) is a quixotic, modern-day, too-small-rental-car determined drive toward understanding the US-Mexico divide: all 1,969 miles. It is former farmer, turned activist, photographer and Steinbeck-inspired author, Charles D. Thompson, Jr. who makes the trip, sometimes with awe and wide-eyed students, sometimes with comedy, misadventure, and Hope, his wife—all the while pressing on with what he calls the useful fiction of a map:

"I needed to go to the place where countless innocent people had been kicked, cussed, spit on, arrested, detained, trafficked, and killed, all for the sake of working in the U.S. for a pittance. I wanted to go where it seemed our fears had superseded our sense of humanity.... It would become clear… the border, la frontera, was more multifaceted and profound than anything we could have invented about it from afar."
Though observation and meditation, Border Odyssey scopes like no other book the contradictory pulses of the people and towns on both sides.  Click to continue...


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